Daniele RIZZI

Daniele has a degree in civil engineering from the Politecnico di Milano University . He has spent most of his professional life working on geographic information, starting in the private sector and later in a regional public administration agency, CSI-Piemonte (the Piedmont Consortium for Information Systems, promoting innovation in the Public Administration through ICT technologies), in Italy. He joined the European Commission in 1993 working for five years  for DG Information Society, where he was responsible for research projects exploring how to deliver georeferenced information and multimedia content to mobile devices; Projects supporting the preparation of the INSPIRE framework were also part of his portfolio.

Daniele is currently Head of the sector "Geographic Information System of the Commission" (GISCO) in Eurostat, which he joined in 2004. The GISCO sector is responsible for the reference GIS of the European Commission, including basic pan-European topographic and thematic information layers. Its activities include map production and spatial analysis supporting Eurostat and other EC Directorates-General. GISCO is co-responsible, together with DG Environment and the Joint Research Centre (JRC), for the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive.

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